Tuesday, October 29, 2013


On 22nd September, 2013, forty five members visited Barvatoli Village consisting of 21 Udham Bheel families. They were received with garlands, thilak, a welcome song and dance by the village folk and Ekal School children.

Though the 21 year old Ekal Vidyalaya teacher Ms. Sugan Kumari’s mother in law had died just a week ago and the village was under deep grief and sadness they didn’t show and covered it with a smile in front of the visitors… showing the true sprits of “athithi devo bhava”.

The sponsors were Ranchi’s Sri. PV Parival and Sri. Jhunjhunwala. The visitors enjoyed bhajan singing by the children and an interactive session with them. The children exhibited their intelligence which impressed the visitors; the visitors gifted the children with new clothes, bakery and confectionery products.

Sri. Prem Prakash Arya, Sri. Manoj Tulsayan and Sri. Sanjay Podhar who arranged the Vann Yatra provided a rejuvenating experience for the visitors and children.

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