Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Pleasant Surprise!

Shri. Gunasekaran, Secretary, Gobi Anchal of Tamil Nadu writes:

While we were returning from our visit to a village after our monitoring activities on 10 November, 2013, our vehicle got struck on the way. We were upset and were looking for some assistance. Soon some village boys surrounded the van. For a little while, I engaged them and asked them to sing a song. There was initial hesitation but finally a boy came forward to sing.

To our utter surprise he recited GAYATHRI MANTRA! I asked him from where he learnt this. To our pleasant surprise, he said that he learnt it from EKAL VIDYALAYA. Our full time workers from that area informed us that the area is Arihiamkovilur and it is one of Ekal Villages in that area.

Gobi Anchal patronizes 120 Ekal Villages in the forest area of Thalavady, Sathyamangalam Hills, Tamil Nadu.

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