Saturday, December 21, 2013

‘Bharath Maa Thujhe Pranam’

A cultural program ‘Bharath Maa Thujhe Pranam’ was organized by Bharath Lok Siksha Parishad (BLSP), North Delhi Chapter, at Siri Auditorium on 15 Dec 2013. This program was directed by Shri Suresh Shukla based on patriotic theme created an awareness of Ekal Abhiyan.

Chapter President Shri Deepak Jain shared his experience on Vanyatra and said that every one attached with this Abhiyan have put all their effort to bring ‘vanvasi’ and ‘girivasi’ children to join them with the main stream of nation.

Chief Guest Shri Basant Bansal of M3M group, Shri Roup Bansal, special guest Shri Nand Kishore Agrawal of Crystal Group, Trustee Shri Naresh Kumar, Shri Vimal Mandeya and Shri Sathyanarayan Bandu lit the lamp. Chairman Shri Ghanshyam Goyal spoke on Ekal and its services.

Trustee Shri Naresh Kumar in his concluding speech said that it is a social necessity to support groups like Ekal Abhiyan.

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