Sunday, December 22, 2013


Arogya Foundation of India, initiated a pilot project on Managing Anemia / Malnutrition & Training Village Health Volunteers (Arogya Sevika) for treating primary health problems through Home Remedies.

The pilot project is proposed in 120 Ekal Vidyalaya Villages of Ooty Anchal (Nilgiris district and part of Coimbatore district of Tamilnadu) and the Ekal Schools of Ooty Anchal is supported by Coimbatore Chapter of Friends of Tribals Society.

Smt S Hemamalini shall be the Project Coordinator and one housewife from each village will be identified and trained residentially for five days as Grama Arogya Sevika at the Training Centre in Coimbatore. The training will make Arogya Sevika capable of identifying primary health problems and Home Remedies to treat the villagers. Arogya Sevika receives a certificate after the training. These Arogya Sevikas shall identify the women / girls with Anemia for Intervention. Total beneficiaries are expected to be 2400 women. They will also educate the village women on Home Remedies and using the locally available resources for better health care. Monthly ‘Deepa Pooja’ will provide them opportunity to get together. Entire process will be documented scientifically and the final report will be submitted. The period for pilot project will be 12 months. Ashoka India (, an organization working for supporting innovative ventures is interested in the knowledge part of this project. Their consultants help in documentation of the project. Dr C Satheesh Kumar, an Ayurveda Physician will be the Director of the centre and he will guide the entire program. The AVP training academy ( of Padmashri P R Krishnakumar will extend full cooperation and support to the entire program.

The two days Workshop on Tool Kit for the entire program was organized on 23 and 24 November in the Arogya Foundation Training Centre at Coimbatore. 20 delegates participated in the Workshop. The delegates include Ayurveda doctors, experts in herbal related subjects and field workers. The Workshop suggested the framework on the syllabus to be followed for the five days training program. Few volunteers have accepted the responsibility of working on the syllabus to be published as a book. This Expert Committee and the team will guide the entire pilot project.

First five days Residential Camp for the Arogya Sevikas was conducted from 25th to 29th of November in the Arogya Foundation Training Centre in Coimbatore. Arogya Sevikas from ten villages participated in the camp.

Future Programs

  • Two Camps per month with 10 participants in each camp will be organized.
  • 20 women in the age group of 15 to 25 years will be treated for Anemia and the response will be documented.
  • Tool Kit which include books for the Arogya Sevika and guidance for Anemia / Malnutrition will be published along with the improvement recorded during the intervention.
A film by Arogya Foundation 'Arogya Anemia Control Programme' has been uploaded on YOUTUBE on 02 Dec 2013. Click the following link to watch.

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