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‘Engaging & Encouraging’ – My First Visit to Nepal By Prof. Manjushree

I visited Nepal from 24 to 26 of November 2013 on an invitation of Jankalyan Pratishthan, Nepal running Ekal Movement in the Himalayan Country. A warm welcome was extended to me at the Tribhuvan Airport by the senior members of the Pratishthan. Shri Nand Kishor Ghiraiya, senior member and President, Shri Vinod Agrawal, Treasurer and Smt. Pooja Mittal with other members of Kathmandu Ekal team made me feel very special. As I came out at the exit gate, the guard saluted me as if I am a big leader. I was informed that his daughter is the teacher in Ekal Vidyalaya. When I offered the flower bouquet I was holding to him with honor, he felt thrilled.
Since it was my first visit in Nepal, I expressed my desire to learn the basics of the country which is so close to Indian cultural values and ethics. I was keen to know about Indians, their lives, occupations, feelings, and social status etc. in Nepal. I felt nothing foreign about Nepal. In fact, the country seemed very much like our own.

The first meeting with the core team was held at Shri Nand Kishor Ghiraiyaji’s house. Smt Pooja, Vinodji , Sri Sunil Kumar Agrawal, Secretary of the Pratishthan and some other members attended the meeting. I understood the growth of Ekal Vidyalaya Movement in Nepal running under the aegis of Jankalyal Pratishthan in this meeting. The Prabhari for Ekal Abhiyan Nepal from India, Shri Snehpalji was with me throughout my stay in Kathmandu. Nepal has 14 Anchals (Zones) and 75 Zillahs (Districts).

There are 102 full time Volunteers to administer Ekal schemes in Nepal. At present, out of total 14 Anchals, Ekal is running in 11 zones and out of 75 Zillas (Districts, smaller than Indian Districts) Ekal has reached in 34 Zillas. There are 1216 Ekal Vidyalayas in 1216 villages, both in plains and in hills. The children studying in Ekal Schools are 33,619. Since Arogya Yojana has been started, around 12,090 persons are cured in 88 health camps.

Nepal is beautiful, naturally simple, calm, quiet and ethnically rich. But, the people in villages are poor, illiterate and suffering from lack of basic amenities. The Ekal schemes have proved successful in promoting education, healthcare and hygiene, village development, empowerment and Sanskar Shiksha in rural and tribal villages of India.

Similarly, in Nepal too, education of masses, healthcare, development and prosperity can be promoted in the villages following the same procedures and methods of Ekal in India. The enthusiasm of the Ekal Team adopted the Ekal schemes in the name of Jankalyan Pratishthan is impressive, in true spirit to enhance the living conditions of the villagers in Nepal. The villagers are simple, innocent, peace loving and very religious minded. They are devotees of Lord Pashupatinath. Smt. Pooja Mittal took me to the most ancient and highly revered temple of Bhagwan Pashupatinath, and I offered Pooja for the welfare of the people.

Smt. Pooja Mittal being the most energetic and self motivated woman, was the natural choice of all to take the lead of the Mahila Samiti of Jankalyan Pratishthan. The formal Mahila Samiti was inaugurated on 26 Nov 2013 in a well attended function in a prestigious city hall. The team of NRI’s from UK, after visiting many Ekal Vidyalayas in Nepal villages also attended the function. They got to hear the narrations of Ekal Movement which was delivered by me as the main speaker in the function. They were pleased with the Ekal Movement in India and Nepal.

My meeting with senior full-time volunteers of Ekal was very significant. While they were keen to know about Ekal in India, I influenced them to share their work experiences in Nepal. It turned out to be a lively discussion. Sri Ghiraiyaji and Vinodji have taken full care of these volunteers.

The most dedicated and senior full timer Sri Birendra Budhathoki, Sangathan Mantri is the supporting pillar of Ekal in Nepal. It is his determination that shores up Kathmandu Ekal Samiti which guarantees consistent growth of Ekal in Nepal. Now, the Mahila Samiti with Smt. Pooja on driving seat is sure to make a difference in the progress.

There are Samiti members in Birat Nagar, Janakpur, Birgunj, Bhairahava, Nepalgunj, Dhangadi, Bagmati and Gandaki regions also.

A lot of scope is there for schemes like Ekal for grass root working in Nepal villages. I wished great success to the Ekal Team and returned to India with very warm and encouraging feelings about Nepal after the hectic meetings and family visits of many people associated with Ekal. 


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  1. It is gratifying to read the Ekal movement going ahead. We had built 5 ekal schools back when the movement was starting. That lead me to build one hostile for vanvaasi girls in Ujjain --Vishnu Kumar ji of Seva Bharati was one who let me to do this.
    Now we have done some good work with VIvkananda Kendra --hope to continue!
    Renu S. Malhotra