Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Poornima, the Achiever from Ekal Vidyalaya

Here is a girl who has achieved and become a role model for others in her village Chokkanali, in the reserve forest of Western Ghats of Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu because of Ekal Vidyalaya.
Tribal people living in forest areas, particularly girls, are normally not encouraged to pursue studies after primary school level. Passing seventh standard is considered a big achievement among most tribal groups; but the situation is now changing as many girls are pursuing higher studies and securing good jobs.
Poornima, a girl from Irula community, and daughter of Sri. C.B. Bantan and Smt. Pushpa lived in a village called Chokkanali. Poornima who started her basic education with Ekal Vidyalaya in her village for first 4 years, migrated to a nearby village to study further at GRG Memorial Higher Secondary after which she did her diploma in textile for 3 years.

She scored higher marks than the students of private schools in the plain areas. Now, she is back with Ekal. She is doing her 1 year Diploma in Ayurveda Health Care Assistance in AVP Training Academy through Bharathiar University of Coimbatore with the support of Ekal. After this, she can work as a pharmacist/therapist in any Ayurveda center. Poornima aspires to work and earn for women empowerment and education.

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