Friday, July 4, 2014

Ekal Abhiyan Mahila Vibhag

The annual meeting of Mahila Vibhag Kendriya Samiti on 18 - 19 May 2014 in Nagpur was hosted by Gramotthan Parishad Mahila Samiti, Nagpur.

25 women volunteers, all having state and zonal level responsibilities, participated in the vibrant and interactive sessions during a two-day meeting. The whole discussion revolved around the main challenges of Ekal such as quality, growth of Ekal Vidyalayas, Swavlamban collection through local mobilization, Karyakarta care through Abhibhavak Yojana, involvement of school care families at cluster centres and establishing contact between State – District – Block Level Mahila Samitis.

Mahila Vibhag has focused on six main programs to ascertain spontaneous mobilization of both the Gram Sangathan and Nagar Sangathan. Hence, specific Mahila Vargs are organised throughout the country at state and district centres. The Mahila Samiti volunteers who are free timers are given training in these Vargs, every year since 2001. The first sessions were devoted to reporting about the progress by all the volunteers and reviews. The doubts and queries of the members were resolved with greater conviction in the later session. They ended up turning into “thinking workers” and “working thinkers.”

The main subjects of Mahila Vibhag :

  • Pravas, visiting Nagar centres and villages; Maa Yashoda Yojana, mass mobilization by keeping Sevapatra in houses, shops and community centres, done by volunteers; Karyakartas Upahar Yojana, taking the Ekal Mission door to door in urban families and collecting gift packets for full time Ekal karyakartas and teachers on the occasion of Sankranti; Vanyatra, organizing visits from cities to Ekal villages. This is a powerful program to cultivate donors and urban karyakartas. Abhibhavak and Sneh Sampark Yojana, identifying and assigning the active women volunteers at state, district and cluster levels to contact and take care of full-timers of the Ekal Parivaar. Mahila Sangathan Vistar and Varg Ayojan, several cultural programs organizing in the cities to propagate the Ekal Mission and strengthen the Nagar Sanagathan.

The Parinam Kumbh of Ekal will commence on 1st March in Dhanbad. The Mahila Vibhag has been assigned to take care of the Sanchalan of the programs and the exhibition. Selected members and volunteers will report two days prior to the event in Dhanbad.

The Mahila Vargs at 15 places have been fixed. The senior mahila adhikari who will attend and guide in each Varg had been decided in the meeting.

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