Friday, July 4, 2014

Solar Lamps spread Light

Performance report of Solar Lamp (Sunking Solo) from Jharkhand
  •  100 Solar Lamps have been distributed as sample in Ekal Villages of Jharkhand surrounding GRCs where there is no electrification at all.
  • 98 are working well but two pieces are not working and are to be returned back to Ranchi.
  • Lamp size is small and handy and its uses are multipurpose.
Power backup with one time full charged lamp :
  • About two nights for domestic uses in houses with low power.
  • 4 Hrs. for study of children with Turbo power mode.

  • 8-10 Children are reading well in one lamp light.
  • Domestic work, especially for kitchen or Goshala
  • With its spot mode, villagers use this as torch. In village and forest condition it is very useful while travelling. It is so small that one can keep it in pocket on travelling and on bedside in night.

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