Friday, July 4, 2014

Introducing Gramothan

Taking forward the objectives of Ekal Abhiyan as the socio- economic development of tribals and villagers, Ekal trains the villagers in rural based activities to augment their income under Gramothan Foundation. They are trained to produce fertilizer from cow dung and pesticide from cow urine and certain readily available herbs and in vermin compost. Farmers in the villages generally own cow if they own land. These efforts not only replace the chemical pesticides but also improve the natural fertility of the lands. Another area of focus is conservation of water (Rain water harvesting), to collect rain water in small ponds and to use for cultivation when water will not be available. The Gramothan Resources Centres are providing various facilities as detailed hereunder:

  • Development of agriculture on the basis of organic farming based on cow dung and cow urine.
  • Training and promotion of small scale vocations suitable for the specific areas
  • To develop poshan vatika in the farmer’s land
  • To promote vermin compost bed by the farmers

Gramothan Resource Centres (GRC) are in the following states:

  • Bhalukbona, Dist. Malda in the state of West Bengal
  • Karanjo, Dist. West singhbhum in the state of Jaharkhand
  • Jarangloi, Dist. Sundergarh in the state of Orissa
  • Kumbakonam Dist. Thanjavur in the state of Tamilnadu
  • Wada Dist. Thane in the state of Maharashtra
  • Mirzapur in the state of Uttar Pradesh
  • Neimisharanya Dist. Lucknow in the state of Uttar Pradesh
  • Giridih Dist. Dhanbad in the state of Jharkhand.


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