Thursday, July 31, 2014

It's a promise to Bharatmata by Kum. Jyosthsna Krishna

Kum. Jyosthsna Krishna is back to India after completing her masters in CANADA. She participated in the 5 days residential training program on Home Remedies conducted by Arogya Foundation of India (affiliated to Ekal Abhiyan).

It has been a wonderful experience having been here. When we hear the news every day, we feel sad that we live in this country, but now I can say with pride that I am very very proud to be an Indian. The whole experience has been such a big eye opener in so many different aspects.

A day only has 24 hours but through this time table the people here have proved how much is possible in just 24 hours. One other important lesson I learnt is maintaining the time table during the day doesn’t make it boring and monotonous, but it just makes the day more organized.

Life has been wonderful these past few days and I didn’t know there were so many things I didn’t know. I need to broaden my eyesight hence forth to get small and wonderful pieces of information and knowledge from the most unexpected people.

It is a promise to Bharatmata, that I shall try my level best and promote this all round education of Ekal people as far as possible.

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